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About Kathy Taylor

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Kathy's first memory of seeing and communicating with a Spirit was at age 4 when a boy named Frankie and his dog, who both perished in a car accident, came to Kathy in her home. At the time, Kathy did not know that not everyone could see Spirits and she treated Frankie like a second brother, setting a place for him at the dinner table and celebrating his birthday with cake and presents.

Kathy is a fourth-generation medium and has trained under Psychic Medium Lisa Williams with her International School of Spiritual Development (LWISSD) and is certified as a Psychic Medium under the LWISSD.

Kathy has worked with clients internationally and is also trained as a Forensics Medium, working on unsolved cases mainly involving murders and missing persons. Kathy has experience with remote viewing as well as Akashic Records readings (past life readings).

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