Kathy's first memory of seeing and communicating with a Spirit was at age 4 when a boy named Frankie and his dog, who both perished in a car accident, came to Kathy in her home. At the time, Kathy did not know that not everyone could see Spirits and she treated Frankie like a second brother, setting a place for him at the dinner table and celebrating his birthday with cake and presents.

Since then, Kathy has gone on to hone her gift and was elevated to Reiki Master Practitioner and Teacher in May 2015.

In March 2016, Kathy successfully completed and passed a 6-week Advanced Mediumship Course and is a Certified Psychic Medium by Celeste Woods (who is herself a Certified Medium under the LWISSD).

Kathy went on to train under Psychic Medium Lisa Williams with her International School of Spiritual Development (LWISSD) as facilitated by Master Teacher Celeste Woods. After 12 weeks and a rigorous 4 day in-person intensive, Kathy is also certified as a Psychic Medium under the LWISSD.